Tuesday, September 20, 2022

October in Scandinavia RIDE BOARD

From October 2-24 I'll be driving all over Scandinavia.  Anyone want a ride?

I'm doing another fine tour of Scandinavia for most of October, 2022.  I'm based out of Copenhagen for the tour, but I'm doing it all by rental car, and I have room for passengers.  If you can help pay for petrol, that's especially welcome.

The main drives I'll be doing that might be of interest:


5:  Copenhagen to Arhus
6:  Arhus to Copenhagen
8:  Copenhagen to Jonkoping
9:  Jonkoping to Copenhagen
14:  Copenhagen to Arhus
15:  Arhus to Roskilde
16:  Copenhagen to Trondheim (via Gothenburg and Oslo)
18:  Trondheim to Oslo
20:  Oslo to Smedjebacken
21:  Smedjebacken to Gothenburg
22:  Gothenburg to Copenhagen

If anyone wants to join me on any of those drives, just drop me a line.

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