Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bandcamp Support Responds!

Twelve days later and I got a short response from Bandcamp Support to my query about why, with no notification, my name, albums, and tracks from any of those albums stopped showing up in search on the platform sometime in mid-August.

It looks like your account was flagged for review for a possible Terms of Service violation. I've cleared that flag now, so you should show up in searches again.

For what it's worth, a number of tags you were using caused the flag--specifically "hitler" and "anti-semitism".

As of now I'm still not showing up in search on Bandcamp, but it sounds like this is going to change, and things will go back to normal on the platform, at least for me. 

Questions remain for me, which I won't bother trying to find out, but I'd be curious to know.  Was I flagged because someone(s) were trying to get me kicked off of Bandcamp by complaining about some of what they hoped might be considered my more controversial songs about subjects like Hitler and antisemitism?  After the songs and tags in question had already been on Bandcamp for years, why were they suddenly flagged two weeks ago?

Whether this temporary shadowban was the result of the efforts of one of my cancellation campaigners or something more random, it looks like there's a happy resolution to the matter.