Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Songs By Topic

Various radio people have told me it would be useful to have a quick and easy way to find songs that are related to a certain subject (where they can be downloaded for free).  I've tried to do that here.

Songs are sometimes about multiple things, but generally the main topic of the song is represented by each heading, and following the title of each song are more general or secondary topics addressed by the song -- or just people, places or things referenced in the song.  Also something about style -- whether it's acoustic or electric, and sometimes if a certain instrument is prominently featured in the recording.

Click on any song title to download (or stream) the song.  If there's a high-quality music video for the song, a link for that is in brackets just following the song title.  You can just do Cntrl+F and type a keyword, or browse the headings...  Songs with a + after the title include a word that the FCC doesn't like.  Please let me know if you find I've missed one.  Other suggestions for making improvements to this?  Please tell me!

You can also find many of these songs listed with notes as they relate to dates in history, in This Month in History and Song.

If you are able and willing to support all that it takes to make high-quality recordings of hundreds of songs and give them away like this, please consider becoming a subscriber!  (There are lots of musical perks involved with being one, too...)

John Brown [video]  abolitionists, Civil War, Bleeding Kansas, 1859, Harper's Ferry, Virginia, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Beecher, Torrington, slave trade, slavery, Africa, African-Americans, Jesus Christ, Bibles, Christianity, Missouri, gallows, electric band

In the Name of God  George Tiller, Kansas, abortion clinics, assassinations, 2009, Afghanistan, acid, sexism, women's rights, civil rights, church, choir, Jesus, family, daughters, solo acoustic

Afghanistan War
Comets of Kandahar  Bruce Cockburn, Canada, occupation, imperialism, empire, 9/11, Osama, Al-Qaeda, Taleban, deaths quads, crusade, 2001, Twin Towers, September 11th, electric band
Meanwhile in Afghanistan  political prisoners, prisons, NATO 5, entrapment, Occupy Wall Street, Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor Rahmbo, Illinois, NATO meetings, Florida, wedding party, massacres, collateral damage, imperialism, empire, family, protests, May, 2012, electric band
The Village Where Nothing Happened  Kama Ado, Department of Defense, DOD, imperialism, empire, 2002, family, collateral damage, Ramadan, Air Force, B-52, terrorism, terrorists, Al-Qaeda, Taleban, graves, cemeteries, graveyards, massacres, acoustic duo

Anthony Weiner
Anthony's Wiener+  sexting, sex scandals, New York politics, politicians, penises, genitalia, solo acoustic

Anti-Highway Movement
A Brief History of the Orange Line  mass transit, trains, environment, MBTA, development, community, Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts, solo acoustic

Asian Tsunami
Tsunami  tsunamis, 2004, Aceh, natural disasters, environment, Indonesia, Thailand, loss, grief, grieving, mourning, family, islands, independence, Kyoto Protocols, San Francisco, New York, oceans, acoustic band

Assata Shakur
Assata  terrorism, terrorists, war on terror, FBI's Most Wanted, New Jersey, Black Panthers, Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army, racism, Cointelpro, police brutality, police violence, Osama, Obama, political prisoners, Havana, Cuba, Alabama, solo acoustic

Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns Trial
Atif and Sebastian  poem, poetry, justice system, Mr. Big, British Columbia, Bellevue, Washington, political prisoners, mass murder, entrapment

Barack Obama
Barack Obama  President Obama, drones, smart bombs, Israel, Ralph Nader, Uncle Tom, evictions, whistle-blowers, whistleblowers, assault rifles, assault weapons, minimum wage, bankers, windmills, Guantanamo, coal, politicians, political corruption, Washington, DC, solo acoustic
Four More Years  President Obama, working class, picket lines, Wall Street, billionaires, politicians, elections, fraud, lobbying, lobbyists, corruption, imperialism, green jobs, natural gas, drones, drone strikes, liberty, freedom, hope, change, acoustic band
If Only It Were True  elections, 2012 election, 2008, Republican debates, Newt Gingrich, Hugo Chavez, bankers, 1%, tax the rich, insurance industry, capitalism, food stamps, wheelchair ramps, wheelchairs, windmills, maple syrup, oil wells, solar cells, green jobs, Delaware, Illinois, Karl Marx, pesticides, free lunches, trains, unions, bicycles, bicycle lanes, environment, drug legalization, hookas, Korans, Moors, Guantanamo, Rupert Murdoch, Fox, Fairness Doctrine, socialism, flag pins, patriotism, nationalism, electric band
Still Waiting for the Change  2008 election, Democratic Party, prisons, drug war, war on drugs, imperialism, empire, missiles, Tahrir Square, Washington, solo acoustic

Bicycle Song  exercise, mass transit, environment, health, acoustic band
Rinky Dink  pedal-powered, radio, pirate radio, windmills, solar, air pollution, environment, solo acoustic

Brad Will
Brad  IMC, Indymedia, Oaxaca, APPO, paramilitaries, death squads, Mexico, police violence, police brutality, protests, Redwood Summer, environment, New York, NYC, squatting, squatters, Tompkins Square, solo acoustic

Capitalism/The Capitalist System
Kick It While It's Down+  privatizing, privatization, commons, tent city, powder keg, parasites, political corruption, lobbyists, lobbying, drought, forest fires, oil, coal mines, solar panels, Foot Not Bombs, welfare state, bankers, bank bailouts, financial crisis, economic collapse, 2008, Occupy Wall Street, 1%, 99%, acoustic band
Occupy Wall Street+ [video]  bankers, banksters, bank bailout, financial crisis, economic collapse, 1%, 99%, 2011, New York City, Zuccotti Park, class war, political corruption, Mohammed Bouazizi, Arab Spring, plutocracy, tax the rich, health insurance, credit cards, debt, budget cuts, austerity, Tunisia, Tahrir Square, society, commons, socialism, acoustic band
Paul Wolfowitz  World Bank, occupation, Iraq, privatization, commons, neocons, neoconservatives, Virginia, Washington, DC, Afghanistan, nuclear power, Baghdad, oil industry, electric band

Children's Songs/Children's Music
To download any of the children's songs, go to the "song chest" at  Songs marked with * are on Ballad of a Dung Beetle.  All other songs are on Har Har Har.  Links to videos are below.
Babies Are A Mess*  messiness, finger paint, glue, solo acoustic
Baby In A Bag*  babies, shopping, solo acoustic
Ballad of a Dung Beetle*  beetles, bugs, science, biology, solo acoustic
Boogers  disease, sickness, mucus, snot, bogies, acoustic band
Bullies [video]  schoolyard bullying, playgrounds, sewage plants, protests, demonstrations, organizing, unions, union organizing, children's power, factories, asthma, environment, acoustic band
Daddy's Camper Van  traveling, camper vans, coyotes, camping, vacations, holidays, acoustic band
Don't Fall Into the Toilet  toilet training, potty training, acoustic band
Fly Around the World  geography, airplanes, flying, Norway, skiing, airports, Paris, dersage, cheese, Palestine, tunnels, olives, Lebanon, mountains, hummus, pita, cedar trees, Kenya, wildebeasts, giraffes, zebras, Japan, baseball, Australia, kangaroos, Portland, friends, adventures, acoustic band
The Fruit That Got Away  flying, bouncing, stairs, fantasy, escape, acoustic band
Halloween Parade*  holidays, jacolanterns, ghosts, Avatars, witches, cauldrons, lizards, vampires, haunted houses, headless horsemen, dragons, rooftops, Bethel, Connecticut, solo acoustic
I Just Wanna Climb A Tree*  trees, climbing, family, solo acoustic
I Lost My Hat*  losing, acceptance, missing, loss, grieving, grief, hats, solo acoustic
If I Was A Dog*  dogs, animals, fun, barking, licking, wagging, solo acoustic
I'm Gonna Fly [video]  flying, space travel, solar system, astronomy, stars, planets, Earth, Mars, moons, Saturn, Pluto, dancing, acoustic band
I'm Running Away  escape, child abuse, misunderstandings, sadness, acoustic band
It's So Windy*  wind, rain, fog, safety, solo acoustic
Leila's Birthday Song*  birthdays, Legos, bananas, cream pie, monkeys, cows, moons, coyotes, pancakes, whipped cream, bouquets, solo acoustic
My Backyard*  wind, swings, trains, solo acoustic
Owie*  pain, swinging, coconuts, solo acoustic
Owl Dream  owls, dreams, dreaming, moon, acoustic band
Pirate Song [video]  pirates, sailing, oceans, birthdays, islands, choirs, kazoos, whistles, treasure, acoustic band
Pretty Puppies Prancing Playing Pooping in the Park*  parks, dogs, feces, crap, solo acoustic
Punk Rock Baby [video]  squats, squatters, squatting, nursery school, parks, electric guitars, mohawks, leather jackets, spikes, punks, rebellion, resistance, acoustic band
Rocking In A Rocking Chair*  breakfast, tricycles, mail delivery, post office, siblings, brothers, sisters, family, fathers, solo acoustic
Roller Coaster Train [video]  trains, roller coasters, subways, mass transit, acoustic band
Tappety Tippety  typing, computers, screens, acoustic band
Together  community, cooperation, acoustic band
Walking On The Ceiling  physics, gravity, ceilings, acoustic band
When That Kitten Started Playing*  toilet paper, toilets, kittens, solo acoustic

Chilean Coup
Santiago  Salvador Allende, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet, CIA, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, September 11th, 9/11, Victor Jara, Anaconda Copper, Fort Benning, SOA, School of the Americas, state terrorism, dirty war, solo acoustic

A Christmas Song+  Christmas music, Clearchannel, mass media, satire, music industry, recording industry, RIAA, major label, acoustic band
Pirate Santa  pirates, Santa Claus, Christmas songs, Christmas music, Somalia, Gulf of Aden, Somali pirates, North Pole, Portland, Perth, reindeer, Moldova, Robin Hood, commons, electric band

Cluster Bombs
Ballad of a Cluster Bomb  land mines, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Serbia, NATO, collateral damage, civilian casualties, children, acoustic duo

Battle of Blair Mountain  West Virginia, Logan County, Mingo, labor movement, unions, UMWA, miners, Mother Jones, labor history, President Harding, Pinkertons, vigilantes, veterans, coal mine wars, 1921, battles, solo acoustic
East Tennessee  arson, explosives, veterans, mining, Vietnam, draglines, property destruction, civil disobedience, coal mine wars, 1968, history, Appalachia, ecoterrorism, Green Scare, ELF, Earth Liberation Front, electric band
Hills of Tennessee  mining, strip mining, open pit mining, environment, ecocide, Nashville, Music Row, Hiroshima, Wall Street, New York, miners, tsunami, Blair Mountain, mudslides, explosives, cancer, mountaintop removal, solo acoustic

Drink of the Death Squads [video]  Colombia, unions, labor, AUC, Coke, boycott, SOA, School of the Americas, paramilitaries, Latin America, South America, Sinaltrainal, acoustic duo

Luis Posada  poem, poetry, Brothers to the Rescue, CIA, explosives, explosions, terrorism, Cuban Five, Cuban 5, political prisoners, Latin America, Caribbean, Florida, Havana, Fort Benning, SOA, School of the Americas, Cuban Revolution, Miami, C4, Panama, 1976, airliner
Song for Ana Belen Montes  prisons, political prisoners, Texas, FMC Carswell, Department of Defense, espionage, electric band
Trading With the Enemy  embargo, sanctions, free trade, Salvador Allende, John Lennon, Miami, borders, bicycles, mangoes, Jesse Helms, 1996, oxen, organic farms, organic farming, guava juice, integration, segregation, Che Guevara, Jose Marti, solo acoustic

Cuban Missile Crisis
Vasili  Vasili Arkhipov, Soviet Union, submarines, Khruschev, JFK, Kennedy, October, 1962, Beach Boys, Beatles, Lolita, Ken Kesey, imperialism, empire, nuclear war, nuclear weapons, US Navy, John Glenn, Commonwealth Games, Bob Dylan, Vietnam, wars, If I Had A Hammer, Billboard charts, Air Force, Ole Miss, Hewlett-Packard, Algeria, Korea, Russian River, CIA, Operation Mongoose, factories, Bay of Pigs, nuclear missiles, blockades, embargoes, TV, nuclear torpedoes, Cold War, solo acoustic

Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler  environmental disaster, BP, British Petroleum, Halliburton, oil rig explosion, labor, unions, Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Acadians, French, France, oil spills, offshore oil drilling, fishing, fishermen, Battle of Baton Rouge, La Grand Derangement, crawfish, shrimp, Cajun music, oil drilling, oil companies, Texas, Hurricane Katrina, California, solo acoustic

Depleted Uranium
DU  Iraq War, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, radiation poisoning, radioactive, leukemia, cancer, nuclear war, nuclear testing, chemical warfare, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, solo acoustic

The Draft Is Coming  foreign policy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Exxon, Kerry, Cheney, DU, Depleted Uranium, oil, patriotism, nationalism, Washington, DC, imperialism, empire, acoustic band

Earth Liberation Front
Burn It Down [video]  Rod Coronado, political prisoners, animal rights, animal liberation, arson, Green Scare, free speech, First Amendment, Bill of Rights, environment, electric band
Free  Jeffrey Luers, SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles, Eugene, Oregon, asthma, redwoods, suburbia, suburban sprawl, shopping malls, bulldozers, property destruction, arson, political prisoners, Green Scare, environment
Song for the Earth Liberation Front  ELF, Green Scare, ecoterrorism, civil disobedience, arson, Wal-Mart, condos, redwoods, old-growth, virgin forests, logging, Monsanto, acoustic duo

Egyptian Rag  paper mills, Maine, rag paper, history, British colonialism, free trade, capitalism, capitalists, railroads, trains, graveyards, cemeteries, burial, mummies, tombs, solo acoustic

El Salvador
Unknown Soldier  FMLN, 1989, November Offensive, Salvadoran Civil War, wars, imperialism, empire, Central America, Latin America, coffee, hunger, poverty, family, love songs, machine guns, battles, freedom, democracy, military juntas, dictatorships, acoustic band

Election  election fraud, 2000, 2004, George Bush, John Kerry, Al Gore, electoral fraud, vote count, hanging chads, lobbying, lobbyists, money in politics, wars, political corruption, Election Day, solo acoustic, 12-string guitar
Whoever Wins In November  election fraud, electoral fraud, neoliberalism, neoliberals, neoconservatives, Wyoming, Capitol Hill, mansions, shacks, farmworkers, farmers, rivers, Election Day, bankers, democracy, environment, oil drilling, pipelines, frat boys, fraternities, Yale, George Bush, ghettos, Oakland, Iraq, nuclear waste, logging, revolutions, uprisings, resistance, acoustic band

Environmental Activism
The Death of David Chain  Earth First, Redwood Summer, logging, clearcutting, Maxxam, Charles Hurwitz, mass media, corporate media, Big Timber, Pete Wilson, California, Sacramento, Fortuna, Humboldt County, civil disobedience, solo acoustic
Here at the End of the World  flood, drought, oil, pesticides, SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles, air pollution, occupation, commons, mansions, ecocide, genocide, protest, coal, suburbs, suburbia, water, privatization, capitalism, terrorism, solo acoustic
Judi Bari  Earth First, IWW, Wobblies, Industrial Workers of the World, organizers, Redwood Summer, pipe bombs, Oakland, logging, 1991, solo acoustic
More Gardens Song  civil disobedience, guerrilla gardening, illegal gardens, New York City, Bronx, asthma, sewage plants, neighborhood, neighbors, sunflowers, police brutality, police violence, protests, commons, solo acoustic
Pebble Mine  mining, copper mines, gold mines, Bristol Bay, Alaska, commons, salmon, fishing, fishermen, toxic sludge, pollution, environmental destruction, ecocide, global warming, climate change, climate crisis, solo acoustic
Pipeline  Tar Sands, Keystone XL, Texas, Alberta, oil shale, shale gas, oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, Gulf of Mexico, environmental disaster, oil spills, capitalism, environmental destruction, ecocide, global warming, climate change, climate crisis, acoustic band
We Just Want the World  White House, Capital Hill, Capitol Hill, Congress, politicians, oil tankers, oil rigs, solar power, logging, hemp, bulldozers, jails, prisons, prisoners, schools, corporations, rivers, wars, oil spills, highways, acoustic band

European Union
Welcome to the European Union  privatization, corporations, homelessness, Denmark, squats, squatters, squatting, Ungdomshuset, Vestas, windmills, espresso, riots, prisons, prisoners, refugees, detention centers, social democracy, capitalism, free trade, 1%, Occupy Wall Street, xenophobes, xenophobia, immigration, Renaissance, Moors, McDonald's, farms, farming, cars, car culture, mass transit, hunger, taxation, division of wealth, acoustic duo

Flight 800
Flight 800  history, scandal, cover-up, expose, TWA, Long Island, airplanes, explosions, missiles, shoot-down, shot down, US Navy, CIA, FBI, NTSB, fishermen, witnesses, New York, JFK, 801, optical illusions, solo acoustic

Food Not Bombs
Ballad of Eola Park  FNB, Keith McHenry, mass arrests, hunger, homelessness, Orlando, Florida, Disneyworld, theme parks, civil disobedience, acoustic band

Foreclosure Crisis
A Dream Foreclosed  bank bailout, bankers, poverty, homelessness, 1%, 99%, division of wealth, financial crisis, economic collapse, acoustic band

Foreign Policy
Bomb Ourselves  satire, double-standards, SOA, School of the Americas, Brothers to the Rescue, Bay of Pigs, Miami, Washington, DC, Orwell, Costa Rica, cluster bombs, napalm, Colombia, military, Air Force, Central America, acoustic duo
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds  Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey, Saddam Hussein, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, WMDs, Uncle Sam, imperialism, empire, geopolitics, genocide, PKK, Halabja, acoustic duo

Fracking/Hydraulic Fracturing
No Fracking Way  natural gas, oil, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Halliburton, Marcellus shale, corporate salesmen, Clean Water Act, environment, brain cancer, radiation, radioactive, acoustic duo
Oil Train  North Dakota, oil boom, shale gas, trains, 2013, Lac Megantic, Quebec, Canada, accidents, explosions, Musi-Cafe, rue Frontenac, solo acoustic

Free Trade
Trade War  Opium Wars, China, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, history, France, Russia, imperialism, empire, industrial revolution, Unequal Treaties, Hong Kong, Canton, Europe, air pollution, wage slavery, porcelain, silk, tea, merchants, capitalism, monarchs, products, drugs, drug war, war on drugs, 1838, collateral damage, British Navy, Occupy Wall Street, 1%, 99%, acoustic duo

Fukushima Disaster
Minami Sanriku  tsunamis, 2011, Japan, Miyagi Prefecture, natural disasters, environmental disasters, nuclear power, nuclear meltdown, earthquakes, lantern parades, solo acoustic

George Bush/George W. Bush
I Have Seen the Enemy  war on terror, political assassinations, ExxonMobil, Afghanistan, imperialism, empire, Axis of Evil, evil axis, Dow Jones, Osama, patriotism, nationalism, acoustic duo
Moron  Francoise Ducros, Canada, NATO, solo acoustic

Government Shutdown
Government Shutdown  political gridlock, US Congress, House of Representatives, Senate, Bohner, Republicans, Democrats, Obamacare, health care, Affordable Care Act, WIC, student loans, Yellowstone, national parks, military spending, CDC, imperialism, solo acoustic

Guantanamo Bay  prison, political prisoners, hunger strike, Cuba, Camp X-Ray, torture, George Bush, Obama, indefinite detention, solitary confinement, acoustic band

Gun Violence
All the Ghosts That Walk This Earth  gang violence, NRA, National Rifle Association, napalm, Iraq, Auschwitz, afterlife, loss, mourning, funerals, grieving, grief, gun control, solo acoustic
Song for Eric  Eric Mark, gang violence, Mission District, San Francisco, California, gun control, NRA, National Rifle Association, acoustic band

Too Proud To Beg  foreclosure crisis, economic collapse, financial crisis, veterans, war, injuries, handicapped, disabled, heat waves, cars, welfare, begging, panhandling, neighbors, neighborhoods, family, Buicks, retirement, acoustic band
When Johnny Came Marching Home+  veterans, wars, imperialism, occupation, PTSD, airports, planes, coffins, patriotism, nationalism, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Army, soldiers, military bases, pawn shops, hotels, bars, strip clubs, strip malls, dives, beers, explosions, jobs, insomnia, nightmares, murder, mental health, alcoholism, begging, panhandling, unemployment, poverty, acoustic band

Houseboat  independence, off the grid, rivers, mobile homes, Hebden Bridge, London, England, Hackney, canals, water, commons, acoustic band

Hurricane Katrina
Floating Down the River  poem, poetry, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2005, natural disasters, wetlands, storms, racism, George Bush, jazz, Coltrane, clarinets, Cafe du Monde, coffee, Betsy Ross, Lady Liberty, Jesus, zydeco, hummers, National Guard, Blackwater, Iraq
New Orleans [video]  Louisiana, 2005, natural disasters, wetlands, storms, racism, George Bush, levees, oil war, National Geographic, Times-Picayune, wetlands, Washington, DC, evacuation, evacuees, refugees, acoustic band

Iceland, 2008+  bankers, bank bailout, IMF, World Bank, Vikings, hot springs, deregulation, privatization, GDP, Occupy Wall Street, 1%, Reykjavik, debt, fatcats, rich and poor, division of wealth, financial crisis, economic collapse, solo acoustic

Up the Provos  Francis Hughes, Bobby Sands, IRA, Irish Republican Army, British colonialism, Northern Ireland, Derry, Belfast, H Blocks, hunger strikes, explosives, occupation, Armagh, Tyrone, most wanted, battles, 1981, history, prisons, political prisoners, prisoners of war, wars, acoustic band

Before Their Ship Arrived  boat people, Australia, Christmas Island, asylum-seekers, settlers, indefinite detention, solo acoustic
Guanajuato  Mexico, California, Mexican border, No More Deaths, NAFTA, Tijuana, maquiladoras, farmworkers, labor, unions, illegal aliens, undocumented workers, solo acoustic
No One Is Illegal  Mexico, US border, Mexican border, illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, dreamers, Dream Act, prisons, indefinite detention, solo acoustic

From Kabul to Khartoum  foreign policy, bombs, 1998, Bill Clinton, Afghanistan, Sudan, pharmaceutical plants, Madrassas, SOA, School of the Americas, Argentina, dirty war, nuclear testing, nuclear weapons, nuclear war, Guatemala, Korea, Vietnam, Hanoi, Panama, El Chorillo, Fat Man, Little Boy, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Nicaragua, Contras, Libya, Tripoli, cruise missiles, patriotism, nationalism, empire, Arizona, Nevada, solo acoustic
Has the Bombing Begun?  Syria, 2013, March on Washington, Obama, US Navy, Fifth Fleet, Vietnam, collateral damage, TV, refugees, war, solo acoustic
Korea  Korean War, 1950, rubble, empire, Kim Il Sung, evil axis, Axis of Evil, North Korea, DPRK, solo acoustic
Syria, 2013  chemical attacks, chemical weapons, Al-Qaeda, Nusra Front, Islamists, terrorism, Asad, Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Fallujah, Saddam Hussein, Halabja, Gouta, Damascus, cruise missiles, empire, solo acoustic
Terror In The Skies  Air Force, empire, NATO, Yugoslavia, Bill Clinton, Serbia, Bosnia, rubble, collateral damage, sanctions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Algiers, Baghdad, acoustic band

Iraq War
Contras, Kings and Generals  empire, imperialism, Bill Clinton, 1998, sanctions, Madeline Albright, Baghdad, arms trade, corruption, foreign policy, bombing, acoustic band
Fallujah+  veterans, AK, Kalashnikov, mosques, imperialism, empire, occupation, evening news, Oxford, terrorism, torture, terrorists, canvass sack, tanks, helicopter gunships, battles, acoustic band
My Daughter  sanctions, imperialism, Bill Clinton, 1998, Madeline Albright, Baghdad, foreign policy, bombing, family, parenthood, motherhood, Basra, solo acoustic
Song for Basra  sanctions, family, grieving, loss, mourning, imperialism, empire, acoustic duo
Song for Cindy Sheehan  Casey Sheehan, Camp Casey, 2005, Vacaville, California, Texas, Baghdad, George Bush, acoustic band
Spanish Journalist Strike  collective action, unions, Palestine Hotel, Baghdad, Telemundo, Al-Jazeera, Abu Dhabi TV, Aznar, Spain, Madrid, solo acoustic
Waiting for the Fall  Baghdad, imperialism, empire, Green Zone, military, militarism, helicopter gunships, missiles, collateral damage, machine guns, turrets, power outages, Red Cross, massacres, death squads, Korans, toilets, Shell, oil, wars, humvees, hummers, ivory towers, Texas, electric band
The War Is Over  mission accomplished, George Bush, speeches, insurgency, bring it on, jet planes, rubble, democracy, occupation, imperialism, empire, Muslims, Islam, corporations, capitalism, privatization, dictators, Saddam Hussein, oil, oil wars, militarism, family, loss, grief, grieving, mourning, soldiers, veterans, babies, Chevron, Exxon, riots, looting, libraries, Bibles, crusades, schools, cemeteries, graveyards, bombs, sanctions, treaties, sultans, Mao, funerals, solo acoustic

Jesus Christ
Who Would Jesus Bomb?  imperialism, Christianity, Christians, George Bush, Iraq war, wars, crusades, political conventions, evangelical Christianity, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, tanks, gallows, Saddam Hussein, TV, battleships, Congress, civilization, bombs, explosives, land mines, electric chairs, capital punishment, compassion, Vietnam, God, Armageddon, atom bombs, nuclear bombs, nuclear war, nuclear weapons, Bethlehem, East Timor, dictators, SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles, napalm, solo acoustic

Labor History
Glory and Fame  99%, Chile, King Leopold, Congo, Poncho Villa, Haymarket, Chicago, Centralia, Barcelona, Hitler, Arizona, Navajo, South Africa, Sharpeville, Allende, Tiananmen, Somalia, Bangkok, textile factories, Los Angeles, Rodney King, riots, revolution, acoustic band
Song for Boxcar Betty  IWW, Wobblies, freight trains, railroads, Industrial Workers of the World, rebel girl, 99%, unions, One Big Union, OBU, sexism, women's liberation, 1906, acoustic band, bluegrass
Song for Ginger Goodwin  Vancouver, Victoria, BC, British Columbia, IWW, Wobblies, World War I, First World War, 1918, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, mining, mines, union organizers, union organizing, labor organizing, labor leaders, union leaders, draft dodgers, conscription, blacklung, frieght trains, Nanaimo Bay, class war, grieving, loss, mourning, Dunsmuir Colleries, strike, miners, police violence, police murder, police killing, solo acoustic
Song for the Eureka Stockade  Victoria, Australia, 1854, gold miners, gold diggers, unions, uprisings, massacres, 1851, Southern Cross, police violence, police brutality, British colonialism, solo acoustic
Union Makes Us Strong  unions, union movement, labor movement, Great Depression, 1929, farmers, auctions, bankers, 1%, 99%, Occupy Wall Street, unemployed, unemployment, neighbors, collective action, revolutions, FDR, Roosevelt, solo acoustic

London Riots
London Is Burning [video]  Tom Morello, David Cameron, police violence, police murder, police killing, police brutality, Tottenham, Birmingham, Manchester, England, racism, looting, unemployment, arson, hooligans, electric band

Adelaide  Australia, relationships, loss, grief, grieving, mourning, acoustic band
Every Minute of the Day  be here now, in the moment, mindfulness, ecstasy, euphoria, bliss
Friends  friendship, relationships, loneliness, solo acoustic
Hot Tub Song  hot tubs, California, marijuana, pot, weed, blunts, gigs, commons, solo acoustic
Jewel of Bucharest  Romania, solo acoustic
Life Is Beautiful  leather pants, bliss, ecstasy, euphoria, acoustic band
Like I Think About You+  friendship, acoustic band
Mama's Royal Cafe  Oakland, California, tattoos, love at first sight, solo acoustic
Mi Amor  Latin America, revolution, romance, international solidarity, solo acoustic
Now That You're Gone  loss, mourning, grieving, grief, solo acoustic
Scar Upon Your Face  Palestine, international solidarity, acoustic band
So Many Years Ago  Latin America, death squads, peasants, acoustic band
Song for Al Grierson  Texas, Alberta, Oregon, friendship, musicians, remembrance, appreciations, solo acoustic
Song for My Broken Heart  loss, grief, grieving, mourning, breakups, yearning, loneliness, acceptance, relationships, acoustic band, mandolin
Sunshine  geeks, intellectuals, Google, Facebook, acoustic band, Micah Archer
Syrian Princess  G8, Rostock, Syria, one-night stands, ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, acoustic band
Time for You to Go  breakups, loss, grieving, grief, mourning, acceptance, relationships, solo acoustic
Times Gone By  tears, winter, loneliness, broken hearts, loss, grieving, grief, mourning, breakups, traveling, touring, relationships, acoustic band
Travelodge  hotels, traveling, gigs, loneliness, toilets, guitars, amenities, shoes, desire, breakfast, laptops, touring, acoustic duo
Wookey Hole Inn  England, ecstasy, euphoria, deer, Robin Hood, forests, woods, gardens, London, caves, trolls, wine, ale, mountains, trails, bars, souls, grass, weed, marijuana, pot, sofas, couches, goals, bliss, solo acoustic
World of Broken Dreams  homelessness, poverty, Portland, Oregon, Powell Boulevard, Powell Blvd, alcoholism, runaways, family, fatherhood, New York City, luck, busking, street music, relationships, solo acoustic

Marijuana Legalization
Cannabis Cafe  pot, dope, weed, Vancouver, BC, British Columbia, war on drugs, drug war, New York, Central Park, Hastings Street, Portland, medicinal marijuana, recreational use, Colorado, Washington, acoustic band, bluegrass, banjo, mandolin

Marriage Equality
I Know A Man  gay marriage, LGBTQ, gay rights, solo acoustic

Mass Media/Corporate Media
Evening News  Murdoch, Fox, Clearchannel, mainstream news, TV, radio, newspapers, Colombia, FARC, Mexico, Maine, drug war, war on drugs, Washington, DC, Islamophobia, Baghdad, Iraq, war on terror, occupation, foreign policy, empire, imperialism, cocaine, helicopter gunships, Dark Ages, suicide bombing, solo acoustic
Steal This MP3+  intellectual property, patents, copyrights, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, protests, Warner Brothers, Sony, Lady Gaga, independent labels, major labels, recording industry, music industry, Clearchannel, censorship, Big Brother, Hollywood, Pharma, electric band
What If You Knew  corporations, imperialism, TV news, ice caps melting, global warming, climate change, climate crisis, rising oceans, environment, rivers, cyanide, mining, bombs, rubble, hospitals, doctors, collateral damage, cluster bombs, militarism, factories, sweatshops, 1%, 99%, hunger, conspiracies, SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles, revolutions, pundits, solo acoustic
Who Will Tell the People  corporations, free speech, freedom of expression, First Amendment, Pacifica, Democracy Now, Amy Goodman, CIA, ghettos, drug war, war on drugs, DEA, FBI, surveillance, division of wealth, foreign policy, imperialism, Colombia, 1%, radioactive waste, Air Force, Iraq, wars, ozone hole, sheep, arms trade, Fanta, independent media, San Jose, Atlanta, TV news, cancer rates, nuclear power, clean water, Chevron, privatization, Nigerian students, diptheria, illiteracy, prisons, prisoners, prison labor, torture, SOA, School of the Americas, Navajos, McDonald's, Shanghai, veterans, resistance, revolutions, New Delhi, New Mexico, Berkeley, New York, pirate radio, solo acoustic
Why Don't They Play You On The Radio?  corporations, Clearchannel, record industry, major labels, recording industry, gigs, touring, traveling, highways, commuter lanes, 99%, musicians, artists, payola, media consolidation, spandex, drum machines, fashion, sex appeal, commercials, advertisements, ads, shopping, protests, protesting, wars, foreign policy, imperialism, lemmings, talent, division of wealth, Sony, electric band

Mass Transit
T-Stop Cafe  MBTA, subways, underground, tube, trains, railroads, Boston, Massachusetts, environment, street music, busking, solo acoustic

Aurora Massacre  poetry, poem, Colorado, Columbine, high school, movie theater, mass murder, mass killing, NRA, National Rifle Association, gun violence, gun control, assault weapons
Breivik [video]  mass murder, Utoya, Norway, Oslo, Anders Breivik, Knights Templar, Crusades, Inquisition, history, racism, immigration, refugees, asylum-seekers, Islam, xenophobia, multiculturalism, electric band
I'm Taking Someone With Me When I Go  high school, Cho, Klebold, Columbine, Virginia Tech, 1999, 2003, cheerleaders, sexism, gun control, gun culture, gun violence, mass murders, mass killing, NRA, National Rifle Association, assault weapons, solo acoustic

Mexican-American War
Saint Patrick Battalion  Mexico, San Patricios, Ireland, Irish, draft, conscription, 1847, annexation, Texas, San Diego, Churobusco, Irishmen, Catholics, nuns, Dublin, Wolf Tone, Matamoros, Monterey, Cerro Gordo, imperialism, empire, foreign policy, Alamo, acoustic band, banjo

National Security Agency/NSA
Prism  Prism Program, NSA spying scandal, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Chelsea Manning, Wikileaks, Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War, FOIA, Freedom of Information Act, privacy, Patriot Act, torture, police states, secret government, secret juries, Feinstein, McConnell, whistle-blowers, solo acoustic
Spies Are Reading My Blog  INZ, Immigration New Zealand, kiwi spooks, Dunedin, Stasi, Trondheim, Narita, borders, solo acoustic

Native America/American Indians
Morning at Minnehaha  Anti-Highway Movement, 55, 1997, Mendota Indians, Earth First, Wounded Knee, People's Park, commons, shopping malls, development, suburbia, suburbs, Minnehaha Free State, Mississippi River, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Native Americans, acoustic band
Song for Big Mountain  Black Mesa, Arizona, Navajo, Dineh, Hopi, indigenous, coal mines, mining, Church Rock uranium spill, land dispute, grandmothers, 1974, relocation, Indian Wars, Native Americans, solidarity, acoustic band

Nuclear War
By the Time They Nuke DC  terrorism, war on terror, dirty bombs, Washington, DC, acoustic band
Hiroshima  genocide, nuclear weapons, nuclear war, nuclear bombs, holocaust, imperialism, empire, 1945, World War II, Second World War, acoustic band

Age of Oil+  climate crisis, climate change, global warming, energy, environment, peak oil, strip malls, development, suburbia, SUV, Sports Utility Vehicles, solo acoustic, 12-string
Before the Oil Wells Ran Dry  climate crisis, climate change, global warming, energy, environment, peak oil, strip malls, development, suburbia, solo acoustic, 12-string
Cordova  Alaska, oil spill, Valdez, Prince William Sound, blockade, fishermen, Ricki Ott, marine toxicology, salmon, herring, fishing, Exxon, 1993, history, corruption, Senator Stephens, Coast Guard, gunship, environmental disasters, catastrophes, electric band
Operation Iraqi Liberation [video]  OIL, George Bush, imperialism, empire, oil wars, Osama, uranium, Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda, 9/11, September 11th, occupation, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Iraq War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, solo acoustic

Children of Jerusalem  Ariel Sharon, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Second Intifada, massacres, Shatila, Middle East, occupation, Zionism, IDF, solo acoustic
Christmas Eve in Bethlehem  holidays, Apartheid Wall, separation barrier, West Bank, occupation, Jesus, Church of the Nativity, Palestinian Christians, Zionism, Manger Square, checkpoints, solo acoustic
The Death of Rachel Corrie  Gaza Strip, Rafah, Olympia, Washington, Caterpillar, bulldozers, IDF, home demolitions, ISM, International Solidarity Movement, Jerusalem, Green Line, acoustic band
I Wanna Go Home  1948, 1967, right of return, al-awda, Resolution 242, Palestinian Christians, Six Day War, Naqba, Jesus, refugees, refugee camps, immigration, solo acoustic
In One World  Haifa, Baghdad, refugees, right of return, al-awda, Resolution 242, student leaders, student movement, 1948, 1967, Stern Gang, Zionism, checkpoints, barbed wire, IDF, Tigris River, coexistence, reconciliation, grieving, grief, loss, mourning, solo acoustic
Israeli Geography 101  Netanyahu, settlements, settlers, colonialism, bantustans, reservations, refugees, refugee camps, right of return, al-awda, Apartheid Wall, separation barrier, Jewish state, Zionism, borders, Palestinians, standing ovations, Joint Session of Congress, democracy, Hamas, Abbas, Palestinian Authority, anti-Semite, anti-Semitism, Mediterranean Sea, Resolution 242, electric band
Jenin+  2002, West Bank, Israeli incursions, war on terror, terrorism, terrorists, mass murder, Zionism, state terrorism, battles, refugee camps, suicide bombers, suicide bombing, martyrdom operation, helicopter gunships, home demolition, torture, Tel Aviv, shopping malls, bulldozers, settlements, Green Line, acoustic duo
The Key  refugees, refugee camps, homelessness, diaspora, family, grandmothers, Jaffa, 1948, right of return, Resolution 242, acoustic band
Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands  hunger strike, indefinite detention, prisons, political prisoners, Jenin, 2012, bakers, IRA, Irish Republican Army, Islamic Jihad, settlements, occupation, civil disobedience, occupied six counties, H Blocks, 1981, Belfast, acoustic band
Lebanon, 2006  poem, poetry, IDF, Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah, Ehud Olmert, 1996, 1982, 1967, 1948, Condoleeza Rice, invasion of Lebanon, Lebanon war, collateral damage, Qana bombing, United Nations compound, UN compound
Occupation  1967, Six Day War, Tel Aviv, West Bank, Gaza Strip, refugees, right of return, bulldozers, home demolitions, olive trees, olive groves, olive harvest, IDF, intifada, Herzl, Mossad, torture, settlers, settlements, Jerusalem, God, electric band
Return  poetry, poem, right of return, Resolution 242, Zionism, fascism, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Dachau, Jenin, Jaffa, Rafah, al-awda, Jerusalem
Song for the Mavi Marmara  IHH, Turkey, Free Gaza, break the siege, Gaza Strip, massacres, IDF, 2010, refugees, bombing raids, borders, history, international solidarity, Netanyahu, Goliath, acoustic band
Song the Songbird Sings  Mahmud Al-Qayyed, 2003, Gaza Strip, occupation, IDF, snipers, farmers, solo acoustic
They're Building A Wall  walls, borders, Semites, friends, neighbors, holocaust, water, children, family, orchards, harvest, ghosts, bulldozers, helicopter gunships, truth, lies, refugees, Apartheid Wall, separation barrier, West Bank, acoustic band
What Do You Call It  fascism, refugees, refugee camps, family, ghettos, occupation, bombs, neighbors, snipers, walls, prisons, tombs, enemies within, internal threats, prisoners, history, holocaust, torture, arrests, starvation, hunger, embargoes, sanctions, sieges, terrorists, fanatics, terrorism, brainwashing, soldiers, wars, electric band

American Rag  American Idol, fast food, iPhones, nationalism, McDonald's, Ronald McDonald, solo acoustic
Flag Desecration Rag  First Amendment, dissent, imperialism, empire, free speech, nationalism, Vietnam, Iraq, allegiance, Air Force, Uncle Sam, war, RCP, Revolutionary Communist Party, acoustic band, bluegrass
God Bless the USA  nationalism, Indians, reservations, Trump Towers, Blue Angels, Appalachia, bulldozers, strip mines, megachurches, corporate ladder, homelessness, alligators, swamps, NFL, Oakland Raiders, conspiracy theorists, Jewish bankers, ExxonMobil, oil tankers, Clearchannel, Toby Keith, Taylor Swift, anorexia, lyposuction, facelifts, Fox, Rupert Murdoch, X-Factor, lobbyists, Miley Cyrus, Obama, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, oranges, internment, prisons, Wyoming, NRA, massacres, capital punishment, electric chairs, suburbia, suburban sprawl, Patriot Missiles, redwoods, paper mills, firefighters, Desert Storm, imperialism, empire, immigration, offshore oil rigs, war, solo acoustic
Hang a Flag in the Window  nationalism, 9/11, September 11th, Ramadan, cluster bombs, jingoism, George Bush, Afghanistan, Thomas Ridge, Homeland Security, Cointelpro, FBI, indefinite detention, Guantanamo, boxcutters, maquiladoras, Enron, Argentina, bailouts, Axis of Evil, terrorists, terrorism, economic collapse, oil, war, acoustic duo
If I Die Tomorrow  nationalism, cars, car culture, Uncle Sam, Judi Bari, Darryl Cherney, pipe bombs, Earth First, acoustic band

Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio Song+  Santa Cruz, Freak Radio, free radio, community radio, low power FM, FCC, CNN, NPR, ABC, CEO, Big Brother, commons, activism, democracy, Clearchannel, commercial radio, acoustic duo

Black Flag Flying  Golden Age of Piracy, labor history, Mary Kelly, British Navy, anarchism, anarchy, free trade, acoustic band, banjo
If I Were Captain of the Pirates  Deepwater Horizon, oil rigs, environmental disasters, Texas, hostages, CEOs, stormy seas, last wills, ivory towers, board meetings, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, fishermen, a cappella
Pirates of Somalia  piracy, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Jolly Roger, fishermen, oil, solo acoustic, bluegrass

Plowshares Movement
If I Had A Hammer  civil disobedience, property destruction, Catholic Workers, helicopter gunships, Iraq, Baghdad, Collateral Murder video, Bradley Manning, Chelsea Manning, Wikileaks, Queensland, Australia, war games, Pitstop Plowshares, Graeme Dunstan, sledgehammers, solo acoustic

Police Brutality
Butcher for Hire  John Timoney, Miami, Philadelphia, Police Chief, police violence, FTAA, 2003, Bahrain, mercenaries, vigilantes, corruption, lobbying, martial law, free speech zones, protests, riots, riot police, police riot, solo acoustic
Watch Out for the Cops  police violence, police murder, Portland, Oregon, racism, vegans, veganism, bicycles, cob, homelessness, gun violence, punks, punk rock, piercings, tattoos, food trucks, Portlandia, microbrews, Balkan music, gay bars, Birmingham, DWB, driving while black, traffic stops, KKK, electric band

Political Corruption
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy  lobbying, elections, election fraud, electoral fraud, millionaires, outsourcing, voting rights, 1%, wars, solo acoustic, 12-string
Corporations Are People, Too  Supreme Court, Mitt Romney, Move To Amend, corporate personhood, 1%, corporate elite, free speech, lobbying, oil spills, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wars, acoustic band
Democrats Make Me Wanna Vomit+  Democratic Party, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, JFK, Kennedy, LBJ, Johnson, Wilson, foreign policy, imperialism, empire, Vietnam, WTO, Carter, Suharto, Shah, acoustic band

Political Prisoners
Song for Chelsea Manning  Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, Collateral Murder video, Baghdad, Iraq War, imperialism, empire, secrets, war crimes, torture, the surge, Private Manning, Adrian Lamo, drones, drone strikes, whistle-blowers, electric band
Song for Pelican Bay  hunger strike, solitary confinement, California, Jerry Brown, Hollywood, SHUs, prisons, solo acoustic
Vanunu  Mordechai Vanunu, whistle-blowers, Israel, Palestine, nuclear weapons, nuclear war, nuclear arms, Dimona, Negev Desert, Mossad, kidnappings, Rome, Morocco, IDF, military, massacres, Sabra and Shatila, solitary confinement, prisons, 1986, prisoners of conscience, civil disobedience, history, acoustic band

Polyamory Song  free love, open relationships, nonmonogamy, family, solo acoustic

Deadhead In Prison  drug war, war on drugs, Grateful Dead, LSD, acid, bad trip, Golden Gate Park, hippies, acoustic band

Prison Torture
After We Torture Our Prisoners  Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, occupation, war, acoustic band

Proportional Voting/Instant Run-Off Voting
IRV  election fraud, electoral fraud, political corruption, lobbying, lobbyists, democracy, Democrats, Al Gore, stolen elections, campaign finance reform, money in politics, solo acoustic

Miami  FTAA protests, 2003, Free Trade Area of the Americas, Florida, Black Block, John Timoney, riot police, tear gas, police violence, police brutality, broken skulls, plastic bullets, World Bank, Boeing, police riot, solo acoustic
Outside Agitator  Alberta, G8 protests, Canada, 2002, acoustic duo
Riot Dog [video]  Loukanikos, Kanellos, Athens, Greece, banks, bankers, bailouts, financial crisis, economic collapse, 2008, police riots, Facebook, blogs, capitalism, tear gas, police brutality, police violence, riots, protests, demonstrations, electric band
RPG  rocket-propelled grenade, riot cops, billy clubs, helicopters, demonstrations, animal rights, acoustic band
Shut Them Down  Seattle, WTO, World Trade Organization, IMF, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, anticapitalist movement, corporate globalization, Prague, Melbourne, Washington, DC, CNN, IMC, Indymedia, strip malls, biotech, ecocide, pacifists, Zapatistas, baristas, 99%, solo acoustic
Song for the BBB  Biotic Baking Brigade, pastry uprisings, Bill Gates, Milton Friedman, Willy Brown, IMF, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC, Thailand, Belgium, California, San Francisco, landlords, acoustic duo
Trafalgar Square  London, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, February 15th, 15 February, 2003, wars, Iraq War, imperialism, empire, George Bush, statues, queens, monarchy, Tony Blair, Exxon, oil, fascism, solo acoustic
We Will Win  Wisconsin uprising, demonstrations, ancestors, history, abolitionism, slavery, Bleeding Kansas, unions, union organizing, labor movement, union movement, 1886, Milwaukee, Bob Lafollette, socialism, Bay View, massacres, Haymarket, 1%, 99%, acoustic duo

Oppositional Defiant Disorder  pharmaceutical industry, mental illness, Utah, Wal-Mart, Wolf Blitzer, Rush Limbaugh, solo acoustic

Trayvon  Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, stand your ground laws, vigilantes, Florida, neighborhoods, family, fathers, sons, neighborhood watch, Skittles, hoodies, NRA, National Rifle Association, gun control, gun violence, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, rightwing talk show hosts, justice system, injustice, prisons, pundits, TV, police, protests, 2012, 2013, solo acoustic

Rent Strike Wars/Rent Strike Movement/Rent Strike Era
Landlord  1848, Rennsalaer, New York, upstate New York, Hudson River, rebellions, uprisings, tenant farmers, landlords, Netherlands, Nederland, Dutch, English, British colonialism, tin horn, calico, tin horns of calico, masks, Calico Indians, peasant uprisings, labor history, Homestead Act of 1862, speculators, banks, bankers, homelessness, solo acoustic

After the Revolution  Bush, Kissinger, Peltier, Mumia, political prisoners, Military Industrial Complex, utopia
Behind the Barricades  love, 1968, Paris, Genoa, police brutality, police violence, police riot, G8 protests, tear gas, electric band
The Commons  patents, copyright, privatization, terminator seeds, Monsanto, Clearchannel, music industry, pharmaceutical industry, water, property, acoustic band
Crashing Down  economic collapse, Black Monday, financial crisis, 2008, bailout, bankers, austerity, electric band
Minimum Wage Strike  labor, unions, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, walkouts, Joe Hill, fast food, McDonalds, Foot Locker, acoustic band, bluegrass, banjo
Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living  Mother Jones, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia, MOVE, political prisoners, prisons, Crazy Horse, buffalo, Ecuador, Big Mountain, water, environment, commons, logging, activism, civil disobedience, Manilla, Managua, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Baghdad, Belgrade, Hanoi, Havana, acoustic band
Resistance  commons, activism, Manifest Destiny, savages, communists, terrorists, traitors, patriots, patriotism, nationalism, imperialism, 1%, 99%, electric band
Strike A Blow Against the Empire  Islamophobia, imperialism, TV, racism, war on terror, electric band
We Are Everywhere  anthems, uprisings, revolutions, community, commons, poverty, wealth, 1%, 99%, homelessness, loneliness, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Havana, Chiapas, ivory towers, religions, prisons, borders, races, racism, invasions, imperialism, empire, rulers, Congressmen, corporations, radio stations, mass media, bombs, home demolitions, rubble, protests, demonstrations, acoustic duo

School of the Americas/SOA
Song for the SOA  Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, torture, death squads, assassinations, military juntas, civil disobedience, prisons, political prisoners, protests, Father Roy Bourgeois, Panama, Victor Jara, Salvador Allende, Chile, acoustic band
Song for the SOA #2  Catholic Workers, Jesuits, nuns, priests, Guatemala, giant puppets, human rights, torture, solo acoustic

Sectarianism/Political Correctness
I'm A Better Anarchist Than You [video]  anarchism, anarchists, squats, squatters, vegans, veganism, vegetarians, vegetarianism, animal rights, yuppies, cars, car culture, biomass, skateboards, traffic, mass transit, dumpster-diving, skips, sexism, Anti-Flag, Crass, pacifism, Black Block, militancy, police brutality, police violence, consensus, voting, electric band
Vanguard  socialism, communism, Milosevic, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, SWP, ISO, RCP, vanguardism, Lenin, Marx, acoustic duo

Sit Down to Piss+  lifestyle, anarchism, Germany, gender equality, women's liberation, acoustic duo

September 11th, 2001
The Dying Firefighter  9/11, Twin Towers, Al-Qaeda, 11 September, terrorism, war on terror, George Bush, New York City, Manhattan, solo acoustic
Promised Land  plane hijackings, United Airlines, American Airlines, Al-Qaeda, New York City, World Trade Center, Twin Towers, 9/11, 11 September, terrorism, war on terror, George Bush, Manhattan, Mohammed Atta, Paris, Wisconsin, electric band

Shays' Rebellion
Berkshire Hills  Massachusetts, tenant farmers, labor history, peasant uprisings, Bill of Rights, American Revolution, colonialism, colonies, Daniel Shays, John Adams, George Washington, Continental Army, Great Barrington, rent strike, solo acoustic

Species Extinction
The Alligator Song  environment, climate change, climate crisis, global warming, Everglades, sex, penises, genitalia, Viagra, indicator species, Florida, Louisiana, acoustic band, bluegrass
Bonobo Song  sex, polyamory, free love, nonmonogamy, environment, monkeys, evolution, relationships, bonobos, hot springs, mountain streams, open relationships, solo acoustic

Social Movements
Everything Can Change  pedagogy, social change, Occupy Wall Street, 99%, memes, Congressmen, businessmen, TV, protests, labor, electric band

Suburbia/Suburban Sprawl
Beyond the Mall  shopping, Buy Nothing Day, environment, development, developers, strip malls, billboards, Ritalin, Prozac, asphalt, car culture, cars, solo acoustic, 12-string
Everything Looks the Same  Buy Nothing Day, environment, development, developers, strip malls, billboards, asphalt, car culture, cars, parking lots, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Holiday Inn, Tennessee, Texas, Baltimore, Burlingame, ancient forests, family farmers, commons, neighbors, Wal-Mart, fat, Ronald McDonald, Uncle Sam, Amsterdam, individualism, solo acoustic, 12-string
Hummer+  Hummers, Humvees, armored vehicles, cars, car culture, SUVs, Sports Utility Vehicles
Parking Lots and Strip Malls  McDonalds, cars, car culture, environment, solo acoustic, 12-string
Sixty Thousand More  cars, car culture, solo acoustic, 12-string
Wal-Mart+  shopping malls, big box stores, suburbs, minimum wage, labor movement, unions, union movement, sweatshops, environment, logging, family, child labor, prisoners, prison labor, urban decay, ghosts, Sam Walton, living wage, Main Street, 1%, acoustic band

Tax the Rich  income inequality, 1%, 99%, Occupy Wall Street, military spending, imperialism, empire, military industrial complex, Congress, politics, veterans, war, health care, schools, education, windmills, environment, poverty, terrorism, patriotism, corporations, corporate subsidies, GE, General Electric, downsizing, division of wealth, militarism, pacifism, socialism, acoustic duo

What Am I Doing Here  gigs, road songs, love songs, loneliness, home, pubs, alcoholism, mass transit, tips, clocks, bars, solo acoustic

Tunisia, 2011  Arab Spring, Arab uprisings, Tahrir Square, Liberation Square, Mohammed Bouazizi, Ben Ali, dictators, police brutality, police violence, self-immolation, suicide, bullying, bullies, governors, fires, riots, protests, wars, revolutions, terrorism, terrorists, France, Jidda, Jedda, Saudi Arabia, Tigris, Nile, Middle East, Egypt, freedom, democracy, resistance, electric band

Ungdomshuset's Microphone  poetry, poems, 2007, 1982, squats, squatters, squatting, Europe, Denmark, Copenhagen, Norrebro, folketshuset, faderhuset, police brutality, police violence, riots, protests, tear gas, barricades, 1898, Danish, punk rock social centers, microphones, hygiene, anarchists, anarchism, demonstrations, prisons, political prisoners, politics, politicians, Malmo, Sweden, museums

Urban Decay
Used to Be A City  rust belt, labor history, unions, union movement, labor movement, strip malls, shopping malls, Wal-Mart, neighbors, neighborhoods, weddings, Stetsons, factories, railyards, railroads, trains, grandparents, churches, highways, suburbs, suburbia, suburban sprawl, environment, Danbury, Connecticut, solo acoustic

Song for Hugo Chavez  for the moment, por ahora, Bolivarian Revolution, military coup, 2002, 1998, elections, social democracy, socialism, Citgo, TV, mass media, corporate media, Latin America, acoustic band

Vietnam War
Song for Hugh Thompson  VFP, Veterans for Peace, VVAW, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, 1969, My Lai Massacre, acoustic band

War of 1812
The Man Who Burned the White House Down  US history, Canadian history, invasion of Canada, 1814, Irish history, County Down, Northern Ireland, Rostrevor, Irish rebels, Napoleonic Wars, British Army, York, Toronto, Washington, DC, General Ross, General Robert Ross, Halifax, Nova Scotia, foreign policy, imperialism, solo acoustic

War on Terror
Holy Land 5  Holy Land Foundation, political prisoners, terrorism, CMUs, Communication Management Units, solitary confinement, Israel, Palestine, food, medicine, humanitarianism, Hamas, occupation, refugees, refugee camps, Khan Yunus, Shatila, intifada, poverty, hunger, Texas, IDF, George Bush, Islamophobia, West Bank, Guantanamo, USAID, electric band
How Far Is It From Here to Nuremberg?  Nuremberg Tribunal, Nuremberg Trials, Nazism, fascism, Hitler, World War II, patriotism, nationalism, torture, Fallujah, Iraq, Afghanistan, mass murders, tanks, foreign policy, terrorism, electric band
International Terrorists  imperialism, empire, cartels, arms trade, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, military, IMF, CNN, mercenaries, Blackwater, Al-Qaeda, terrorism, solo acoustic
Next Attack  9/11, September 11th, 2001, New York, TV, helicopters, shopping malls, pipelines, oil, Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, terrorism, collateral damage, Dick Cheney, martyrdom, acoustic duo
One Night in Greece+  September 10th, 2001, Libyan students, patriotism, flag desecration, free speech, yachts, pranks, solo acoustic
Osama bin Laden is Dead  Navy Seal Team Six, Navy Seals, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, 9/11, September 11th, 2001, 2011, terrorism, state terrorism, international law, veterans, Baghdad, Fallujah, DU, depleted uranium, poisoned farms, Syria, Jordan, Michigan, refugees, refugee camps, acoustic duo

War Veterans
Face of Victory  Iraq, Fallujah, Texas, Germany, rubble, oil pipelines, oil wells, oil industry, occupation, foreign policy, WMD, weapons of mass destruction, Exxon, Chevron, imperialism, empire, homelessness, Michigan, Oklahoma City, evening news, PTSD, solo acoustic
Four Blank Slates  war memorials, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Pittsburgh, foreign policy, imperialism, empire, Allegheny River, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea
Halliburton Boardroom Massacre+  Iraq, imperialism, empire, army, PTSD, military brass, DU, depleted uranium, returning veterans, electric band
He Called Me Dad  Father's Day, fathers, sons, fatherhood, parenting, Vietnam, Canada, Halifax, draft, conscription, Lawrence, Massachusetts, Japan, World War II, Roosevelt, FDR, Hitler, family, grieving, grief, mourning, loss, foreign policy, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, PTSD, acoustic band
The Last Lincoln Veteran [video]  Spanish Civil War, Communist Party, anarchism, anarchists, Barcelona, international solidarity, international brigades, Lincoln Battalion, Fifteenth Brigade, 15th Brigade, Spain, New York, San Francisco, Veterans Day, Veterans Parade, Memorial Day, MLK, Martin Luther King, fascism, Hitler, Mussolini, Nazism, Francisco Franco, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, London, Galway, brigadistas, neutrality, foreign policy, heroes, electric band

Between You and That Harpoon  Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace, hunt sab, animal rights, species extinction, whales, whale hunt, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, Paul Watson, solo acoustic

The Biggest Windmill  Tvindkraft, Denmark, Jutland, Ulfborg, environment, energy crisis, climate crisis, climate change, global warming, nuclear power, nukes, oil, social movements, history, acoustic duo

World War II/Second World War
Berlin  bombing, USAF, Second World War, Germany, firebombing, carpet-bombing, Air Force, aerial bombardment, WWII, collateral damage, civilian casualties, war crimes, crimes against humanity, blitz, Nuremberg, 1944, acoustic band
Henk  Henk Streefkerk, Naarden, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nederland, Germany, fascism, Hitler, Nazism, occupation, Dutch resistance, genocide, holocaust, 1944, solo acoustic
Henry Ford was a Fascist  cars, tanks, Detroit, Michigan, imperialism, political corruption, fascism, Nazism, Nazis, Third Reich, solo acoustic
I Remember Warsaw  holocaust, urban rebellions, uprisings, Warsaw Ghetto, Hitler, Stroop, SS, Nazism, fascism, ZOB, Jewish Fighting Organization, Auschwitz, 1943, solo acoustic
Sugihara  Japanese Empire, Hitler, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Jews, holocaust, refugees, Shanghai, China, Kobe, Japan, diplomat, civil disobedience, acoustic band


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