Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Musical Review

Bowing (slightly) to popular pressure from around the world on January 17th, President Obama announced there would be (insignificant) changes made in the NSA surveillance program.

On January 30th, news outlets began covering the scandalous inability of the Veterans Administration to actually take care of veterans.

Also on January 30th, Scarlet Johansson resigned as Oxfam Ambassador, preferring instead to be a well-paid representative of the Israeli Sodastream Corporation.

February began 2014's round of teachers' strikes in Oregon and elsewhere.

On February 25th, former Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg was arrested in London, England, upon returning from Syria.

On March 22nd, an entirely preventable mudslide in the village of Oso, Washington, killed 43 people.

On May 11th, voters in eastern Ukraine voted for independence.

On May 19th, Oregon legalized marriage equality.  Several others states would follow suit soon after in 2014.

On March 31st, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases a report on climate change, warning of its dangers to humanity.

On May 21st, Nick Caleb didn't manage to win the race for Portland City Council, but it was a damn good effort, and he had a fine theme song.

On May 23rd, Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, killing four men and two women before taking his own life.

On June 2nd, the city council in Seattle, Washington, voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 per hour.

On June 3rd, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi officially won Egypt's presidential election with more than 96% of the vote.

June 28th was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I.

On June 30th the fact that thousands of unaccompanied child refugees were being turned away from the US border without asylum hearings became a news item.

On July 1st, my rent went up.  Since I moved into my apartment in Portland, Oregon 7 years ago, it's almost doubled.  I am not alone.

On July 7th, Israel began bombing Gaza once again, killing over 2,000 people by the end of the campaign, mostly women and children.

On July 17th, unarmed African-American man, Eric Garner, was killed by a member of the NYPD using an illegal choke hold.  The cop was later found not guilty by a type of kangaroo court banned long ago in other countries, known as a "grand jury."

On August 9th, unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was shot 11 times by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri and killed.  The cop was later found not guilty by another "grand jury."

August 24th was the 200th anniversary of the torching of the White House during the "War of 1812," a war of aggression against Canada initiated by the United States, which the US lost.

On September 10th, the Terrorist-in-Chief gave a speech about how we have to kill more terrorists, with the aid of our erstwhile allies such as misogynist dictatorships Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

On October 11th there were mass protests throughout Europe against the TTIP.

On October 22nd I officially announced the formation of an exploratory committee to consider a 2016 write-in campaign for President of the United States.

On December 9th, after five years of review, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the CIA's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" in the post-9/11 era.  It revealed that "CIA detainees were tortured."  Which we already knew.

On December 17th, President Obama announced the impending normalization of relations with Cuba.  Presumably this will mean an end to the 50-year-old US embargo of the island nation.

On December 25th, for untold numbers of impoverished children who spent Christmas in a tent, Santa once again didn't show up.

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