Monday, May 2, 2016

Letter to My Landlord WORLD TOUR

For my next transatlantic tour, I shall musically lambaste my landlord and other people I don't like.

I'll be in various parts of eastern North America and northern Europe, definitely including Ontario, Quebec, New York, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and England.

The basic plan as it exists so far is below.  More gigs very, very much wanted!  Please email me if you have any ideas -- especially if you might be willing to organize something in your town.


Letter to My Landlord


Oregon and Washington:  On June 8th in Portland and at various other dates to be announced I'll be doing events around the PNW with the Veterans for Peace Golden Rule Project.

Ontario:  Saturday, July 30 I'll be singing at Ideas Left Outside, and the following weekend, on August 6, I'll be at Camp Naivelt.  In between I'll be playing in St Catharines and Ottawa.  And elsewhere, I hope!  Anybody...?

Quebec:  I will be participating in the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal from August 9-14!

New York/New England:  From approximately August 14-28 I'll be in the northeastern US, visiting friends and relatives mostly, but also hopefully doing some gigs.  I have one so far planned in NYC on August 17.  More welcome!

Denmark:  I'm playing in a small town in Jutland on September 3 and in Copenhagen on September 4, and I have plenty of available dates around that time as well as later in September for more gigs in Denmark!

Sweden:  From September 5-15 I will be touring all over Sweden with Kristian von Svensson, doing a musical presentation on refugees from 1492 to the present.

Norway:  After Sweden I'll be driving through Norway, and hope to have a gig somewhere around Oslo with Kristian as well.

Germany:  I have no gigs in Germany lined up yet, but I will definitely be passing through large chunks of the country, traveling between Denmark and Belgium and elsewhere, so it'd be great to have some gigs there!

Belgium and the Netherlands:  I'm playing in Herzele on September 24 and De Waag on September 25.  More gigs in the lowlands around then would be great...

Greece:  For the first few days of October I'll be visiting and doing gigs in Athens and Crete.

Great Britain and Ireland:  From October 6-28 or so I'll be doing shows all over England, and hopefully also Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Four shows in England are what's definite so far...  And that I will be joined on stage throughout the tour by stellar Scottish musician and choir director on vocal harmonies, Lorna McKinnon!