Monday, December 7, 2015

1939: a live CD

Here's the album on Bandcamp:

I haven't set a date for when it will become a CD.  But you may pre-order the CD here with a donation of $15 or more.  Additional donations will specifically be earmarked for distributing the CD to radio programmers.  This can cost thousands of dollars if you want to be thorough about it, and is something I usually can't afford to do.

So far:  $226

I'll update the amount there, as people make contributions.  There are also rewards for donations:

  • Donate $5 or more and you'll get a free download of the album when it's out.  
  • Donate $15 or more to pre-order a CD, to be sent to you in the mail.  
  • Donate $50 or more and I'll give you a guitar lesson.  
  • Donate $250 or more for a concert in your living room next time I'm in your area.
  • Donate $500 or more and I'll write a song on a subject of your choice, to be included in a future recording.  
CSA members will get the album download as well as the CD in the mail when it's out, regardless of any extra donations you may make!

If you want to donate but you prefer to do so by sending a check in the mail, my address:

David Rovics
PO Box 86805
Portland, OR  97286

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