Thursday, June 11, 2015

Recording Project: The Other Side

The digital version of the album is now up on Bandcamp!  Please tell folks about it!

If you're a CSA member or if you donated to the campaign, you should by now have received an email from me with the link to download the album via Dropbox.  (If you didn't, please let me know!)

If you still want to support the cost of making this and future albums, you are very welcome to do so by donating directly on the Bandcamp page embedded above, or via the Paypal button below!

Progress:  $5,190

Members of my CSA will be getting digital and eventually physical copies of the album for free.  The album will stream for free for anyone, but non-CSA members will be asked to donate something to download it.  (CSA members of course are welcome to donate if they really want to, and many have been, which is just wonderful...)


You can donate any amount, by clicking the "donate" button above, or by sending a check in the mail to me at PO Box 86805, Portland, OR  97286 (USA).  Donate an amount equal to or above any of the amounts listed below, and you can get that award upon request.  Just let me know in the comments section or by emailing me which one you'd like...

Download of the album

CD in the mail

Signed CD in the mail

Guitar lesson in person or by Skype

House concert next time I'm in your area

I'll write a song on a subject of your choice

1 comment:

courtsong said...

I'd be happy to donate some acoustic bass playing if you'd like the sound of it ;-)