Monday, March 9, 2015

Thumb Drive of Plenty

By the end of March I will have a new thing to hock out on the road.  It's a "boxed set" on a 4 GB USB stick.  It contains:

  • 21 albums in MP3 form that used to exist as physical CDs (or still do, in some cases)
  • 9 studio albums that have never existed in any physical format as albums, or at all, in the cases of most of the songs on them
  • 2 high-quality recordings of live shows that have never existed in any physical format
  • a folder full of PDF files with sheet music and lyrics to most of my songs, including my children's songs, a copy of my ebook of travel writing, and the kitchen sink!
I'll be loading the thumb drives with material myself, so they'll always be up to date with my latest recordings.  The only place to buy them is directly through me.  I'm selling them for $50 each, or $25 for subscribers (those participating in my Community-Support Art scheme).  Cost of postage to anywhere in the world that has mail delivery is included in the price!

You can buy them by clicking the button below, or by sending me a check in the mail.  If you're buying the thumb drive as a subscriber, please click the drop-down menu above the button to get the subscriber price.

Regular/Subscriber Prices

Checks or money orders (or well-concealed cash in any currency) may be sent to me at:

David Rovics
PO Box 86805
Portland, Oregon  97286

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