Friday, March 7, 2014

Subscription Campaign -- Family, Concert and Song Circles

A year after starting this CSA campaign, it occurred to me while participating in a fund drive at my local community radio station, that I should really incorporate different levels of support into the scheme.  Below are different options.  Click on a button and you will be led through the process of signing up for automatic annual billing through Paypal.  You're also welcome to sign up by sending a check in the mail.

Family Circle -- $100
You get everything standard subscribers get, plus up to three additional "come to any show for free" cards which you can use to bring family and/or friends to one or more shows, and one new "I'm A Better Anarchist Than You" t-shirt each year upon request.

Concert Circle -- $250
The idea of the Concert Circle is especially for those of you who might like to host a house concert (click on the link to read more about what that is).  House concerts are a popular thing in the folk music scene in parts of the US, Canada and elsewhere.  You basically host an intimate concert in your living room, which you can use as a fundraiser for a cause, or just invite your friends to a free event in your home.  So, Concert Circle subscribers would get everything Family Circle subscribers get, plus up to one house concert per year, anytime I'm doing a tour that takes me within 100 miles of your town.

Song Circle -- $500
Normally I figure writing and recording a song is worth $1,000.  (And if you're recording in a good studio with a band, that really only covers the cost of recording it.)  But if you or your organization is able to join the Song Circle, I will write up to one song per year on a subject of your choosing, for you to use in whatever way(s) you see fit.  Plus you get everything the Concert Circle subscribers get.


If you want to subscribe via a check or money order in the mail, just email me or write me a note that includes your mailing address and email address and what you're signing up for, and send a check to:

David Rovics
P.O. Box 86805
Portland, Oregon  97286

If you sign up by check, I'll remind you when it's been a year, in the hopes that you might do it again.  (If you subscribe via Paypal, you'll be set up with automatic billing each year.)


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I read the info, I intend to subscribe at the minimum level at least, but perhaps more as I think on it and my constraints! Peace, shalom, etc. Alex in Fresno

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Alex is