Saturday, July 20, 2013

Interactive eBook with over 200 songs (lyrics and music)!

Well, the title pretty much sums it up, but to expand on that a bit, what I've compiled here is a eBook (in PDF form) containing lyrics and music -- links to MP3's or video -- for over 200 songs, pretty much everything I've written since 1997 (except for my children's songs).  The lyrics here are formatted for bigness, for folks like me who might use them on stage with an iPad or other such device (but they're good for everybody else, too).  They're all in alphabetical order, so you can easily find a song if you know the title of the you're looking for.  The links to audio or video will use either Soundcloud, Soundclick or YouTube, depending on where my favorite version of the song can be found.

As you may know, all of these songs can already be found somewhere on the web for free.  And all of these lyrics can also be found for free, too, in alphabetical order and formatted for bigness, here.  But to have all the lyrics and music together in one file, I thought I'd charge something.  Mainly because I really need the money, and you already got all the music anyway for free, though not in alphabetical order...

Also this eBook makes things extremely convenient for any Rovics fan, not just to have all the music and lyrics in one alphabetical file, but because every time I write a new song, I'll be putting the lyrics and a link to the music (even if it's just an "iPhone broadside") in here right away.  So it's always up to date!  So you just save the link and re-download the file whenever you want to get the most recently-updated version.

Here's a free sample of the first few pages of the eBook.  Once you pay $25 using the button below, you will automatically be given the link to download the entire eBook.

You can also mail a check for $25 to me and I'll email you the link to download the eBook:

David Rovics
PO Box 86805
Portland, OR  97286

If you have any problems getting the link, or if you have a radio show or have some other good excuse why I should send you a free copy, email me!


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