Wednesday, April 24, 2013

People's Music Network ONLINE

Dear PMNers,

(For those who don't know what a "PMNer" is, that's a member of the People's Music Network. If you're not a member yet, you can go to the website and join the organization by clicking on the "membership" link and following the simple instructions...)

I'm working on a couple of projects, and I want your help.

What I especially want from all of you PMN members who want to participate is SONGS -- lots of them.  You can send them to me in any form that works for you -- email attachments, links to downloads on the web somewhere, or physical CD in the mail.  If you have a video on a YouTube channel, just sending me the link is great.  If you already have a site on SoundCloud, I can just link to your songs there.  Or I can upload them to PMN's SoundCloud page, no problem.

(The advantage of you having YouTube and SoundCloud pages to link to is when people see a video or hear a song of yours, they'll also see the upcoming gigs you have, if you also maintain an account with SongKick...)

For each song you send me, it would be great if you could also send me a photo that's related to the song.  Other information that will really help a lot:
  • Is there a date in history that the song is directly related to?
  • If you were to categorize the song in terms of its general or specific theme, what would it be?  For example, "labor," "environment," "marriage equality," etc.
If you're sending a link or an attached file, please put "PMN" in the subject line, and send it to me at

If you're sending physical media (CD, DVD or thumb drive), my address:

David Rovics
P.O. Box 86805
Portland, OR  97286

If you're sending links to multiple songs, or physical media, but you only want to submit certain ones for free download, please tell me which song(s) you want to use, otherwise I'll assume they're all fair game.  If you send me loads of songs that's fine, but in that case I'll select some of them and probably add more later, to keep a balance in terms of what's represented on the site.

If you have not yet done so, please "like" the PMN Facebook page and follow PMN on Twitter!

If you have questions about why free downloads are a very good thing for PMN, you might like to read my article on Counterpunch, the RIAA vs. the World.



monocles1 said...

Hello David - I am a musician who attended PMN over 10 years ago. Was in The Human Condition & am a friend of Bev Grant. I like your approach & ideas about PMN online. Would like to send a few down- loadable e-songs your way -mp3's- & wondered where I should send them. I'm in an acoustic blues duo, out of san Francisco & our facebook handle is "Wildsang Roots-Blues" You could send a message to FB, or Hope this note gets to you. Take care - Hill

monocles1 said...

PS- Hello again David - I see that the last letter was on another address of mine -
You can use this one too, I just don't check it as often. Peace - Hill

Unknown said...

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