Monday, February 18, 2013

Europe Tour Booking Poem

The tour's coming along pretty well
But I wish I could have a gig in Hell
And then it would warm my little heart
If I could also play in downtown Stuttgart
I would feel so very slick
If I had a decent one in Reykjavik

It would lift my weary soul
To play again for the punks in Hull
I'd be the happiest boy in all the west
If I had a show in Budapest
I'll be in Ireland so it seems a pity
If I don't have one in Dublin City

I will kiss my little pinky
If I finally make it to Helsinki
It will be a good and happy day
When I land a gig in old Marseilles
In a fit of joy I'll polish my shoes
Should I also get to play Toulouse

I know I'd really love the scene
If I could make it back to Aberdeen
My face would fill up with a grin
If I had another concert in East Berlin
I'd be thrilled enough to sing and chirp
If I could play a folk club in Antwerp

I'd smoke a spliff upon the tram
If I had a paying gig in Amsterdam
I'd write home and call my dad
If I were invited to play Kaliningrad
There are few places I would rather be
Than in Aberystwyth or Swansea

Though I would no doubt flip my lid
To play in Barcelona or Madrid
And it would be awfully cool
To play for the longshoremen in Liverpool
Where I must really someday do a show
Is in the northern town of Orebro


Turtlewoman said...

David... I appreciate the Europe Tour Booking Poem; you have a lovely way of expressing your needs and/or wants.

Turtlewoman said...

~Action expresses priorities... Gandhi

Jordan hunt said...

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